Episode 44

044 | Brand Story - Success By Design

In this episode, Tammi is joined once again by Terrill Christians, Productivity + Customer Experience Expert at her business Success By Design.

Terrill shares her journey from side hustle to consultant (via a hip hop dvd), and breaking away from cultural standards to succeed on her own.

Terrill discusses the positive impact that breaking away from her high paying, but high-stress, job had on her health and happiness and shares the beautiful story behind her business name.

This one is for you if you are looking to break societal standards to live your truth.

The Guest:

You can find Terrill sharing all things customer experience and productivity online here:

Website: successbydesign.co.za

Instagram: @suc_cess_by_design_sa

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/terrill-christians-mba

YouTube: Search 'Success by Design'

The Host:

You can find Tammi talking all things personal brand + marketing over at:

Instagram: @shadowcatcreative

Website: shadowcatcreative.co.uk

Email: hello@shadowcatcreative.co.uk

The Show:

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